Architectural Standards Committee (ASC)

Application Review Process

Applications must be submitted before 9am the day of the meeting and late applications will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting. ASC meetings start at 6:30pm and are held at the RCA Office. Residents may only attend a meeting if they have contacted the
ASC Department to be placed on the agenda. Requests to attend a meeting must be made before the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting.  The ASC Department will confirm in writing the date and time you are on the agenda.

Please refer to the Architectural Standards Guide for your specific project. The Guide will tell you what information is required for your application, what application to use, and the architectural requirements for your project. If you have a specific project question you may e-mail the ASC at asc@radissoncommunity.org or 315-635-7171. You should submit for approval four weeks prior to your anticipated need for approval (to start work) in order to provide time for re-submittal in case your request is pended.

Application results will be sent to you by e-mail or standard mail (you may select your preferred method on the application) within 3-5 business days following the meeting date. For increased efficiency in response times to residents, please do not call the ASC Department with application status questions during the 3-5 business days following the meeting. We will notify you as quickly as possible after the meeting.

One Year Completion Deadline
All residential modifications must be completed within one year of ASC approval. If the project is not completed within one year of the approval, the approval will expire and the application must be resubmitted for approval.

Completion of Construction

Final Inspections
Upon completion of construction, a final inspection, by the ASC Administrator, will be made to determine if all requirements of the initial approval have been met. Based on a satisfactory final inspection, an ASC letter will be issued to the applicant indicating the project meets the Standards set forth by the ASC.

Should the project not be built to the initial approval, the owner will be notified by the ASC. The owner is then required to notify the ASC how the project will be modified to conform to the approved application as submitted.

2019 ASC Meeting Schedule

Dates are subject to change, based on volunteer availability.

January 14

February 4

March 4

April 1

April 15

May 6

May 20

June 3

June 17

July 1

July 15

August 5

August 19

September 9

September 23

October 7

October 21

November 4

December 2

Architectural Standards Applications

Decks                                                    Print Form     Submit Form Online

Doors                                                    Print Form      Submit Form Online
(pedestrian, storm/screen, garage)

Fence                                                     Print Form     Submit Form Online

General                                                Print Form      Submit Form Online
(may be used for all projects)

Paint/Stain                                         Print Form      Submit Form Online
Patio/Walkway                                 Print Form      Submit Form Online

Roof                                                       Print Form     Submit Form Online

Swimming Pool                                Print Form      Submit Form Online

Tree Removal                                    Print Form      Submit Form Online

Windows                                             Print Form      Submit Form Online
(Glass Sliding Doors/French Doors)


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