Pets & Wildlife

Local Ordinances

Many residents (and staff) in Radisson enjoy having pets as part of their families.  The Town of Lysander has codes and procedures regarding the care and licensure of domestic animals, dogs in particular.  Leash laws, dog control, and concerns about barking are all addressed on their website http://www.townoflysander.org.

Animals Lost or Found
In addition to reporting lost/found pet information to the Town Dog Warden, you can also contact the RCA office.  We have an eMail Bulletin group called Pet Posts specifically for sending out notice of an animal lost or found.  Join this group by subscribing on your User Profile page. Click here to let us know of a pet you have lost or found.


Wild animal sightings are common in Radisson. If the behavior of a particular animal causes you to think it may be ill, please contact the County Health Department Center for Animal Disease Control at 435-3165.


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