Radisson Common Property

As per the Radisson Declaration of Protective Covenants, 
Conditions and Restrictions, (Radisson Declaration) property owned by the Radisson Community Association is Common Property. RCA Common Property is under the jurisdiction of the RCA Board of Directors. It is its responsibility, which the Executive Director enforces on its behalf, to ensure that the Common Property is not used for unauthorized purposes or maintained by anyone other than RCA personnel. 

Every Resident and Owner has a non-transferable privilege of enjoyment in and to all Common Property for so long as s/he shall be a Resident or Owner in good standing. Certain areas that the Association owns may be maintained, such as: the play-fields, along the pathways, the medians, etc. while others will remain in their natural state. 

While the Association makes every attempt to keep the Common Property areas safe, residents should be aware that there may be naturally occurring dangers in the wooded areas and elsewhere on other Common Property.

The RCA Maintenance staff mows, trims, repairs and otherwise maintains the open spaces, parking lots, buildings and 13+ miles of pathways that comprise RCA common property.  To let us know about an item in need of attention, please complete a Common Area Maintenance Request.


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