Selling a Home in Radisson

What to know about listing your Radisson home for sale. 

A single "For Sale" sign may be posted in the yard. This is the only signage allowed.  If the home is on a private drive, you have the option of contacting the RCA to post a generic RCA sign at the end of the drive so it is visible from the road. 

Certificate of Compliance (C of C) will be required. The seller needs to complete the C of C Request prior to closing, allowing at least 10 days for it to be executed. There is a processing fee, payable by the seller. This processing will include a statement of the HOA account fees being issued to both the seller's and the buyer's attorneys. A physical inspection of your home will be conducted by the RCA. We will be looking to assure that the exterior of the home has been maintained according to Radisson standards and that all modifications have been submitted with proper application and documentation. Any items not meeting these standards will be listed on the Certificate of Compliance and can be discussed with the buyer.  Additionally, an interior inspection will be conducted to confirm the square footage of the home. The paperwork and certification expire in 90 days; another inspection will be required after this period of time, as well as an additional processing fee.

Moving out of Radisson constitutes termination of your right to use Radisson facilities including, but not limited to, pool, tennis courts, boat launch, Aspen House, and Storage Yard.


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