Buying in Radisson

Prospective buyers should be sure they are well informed about what it means to be a Radisson homeowner. 

Radisson offers many benefits to its residents. From use of community facilities like the pool and Aspen House, to services provided like yard waste pick-up to planned events like Founder's Day. Probably most important though, is the assurance that the Radisson Community Association (RCA) will help to protect the value of your home by maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the neighborhoods and common areas throughout the community. 

As with any Homeowners Association (HOA) the residents of Radisson pay an assessment fee.  Details of our Association fees can be calculated using the formula found on the RCA Assessments page. There is an additional purchasing fee called the Amenities Equalization Assessment that is due at time of closing, details are on the Assessments page.

As part of the transfer of ownership, homes are inspected by the RCA to assure the exterior has been maintained in accordance with Radisson standards. Any items not meeting these standards will be listed on the Certificate of Compliance and can be discussed with the seller.

New owners should make sure the RCA is notified of your closing date so that the account information can be transferred. Once the account is setup, new owners can expect to receive a welcome letter and basket from the RCA. There are some important pieces of information in those items, particularly notices about Resident Membership Registration and announcements in the Reflections newsletter.


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