Governing Documents

General Project Plan

It is, in essence, the vision that the developer, Urban Development Corp (UDC), now known as Empire State Development (ESD) determined for this area when it was developed.

Lysander New Community General Project Plan and subsequent amendments:

Original Project Plan

      Amendment 1

      Amendment 2

      Amendment 3

      Amendment 4

      Amendment 5

      Amendment 6

      Amendment 7
      Amendment 8



This document, also known as the Declaration of the Conditions and Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's) is the legal document which affects real property located within the Planned Unit Development (PUD) of the Radisson Community Association. The Declaration authorizes installing a homeowner’s association. Located within the Declaration you will find information on membership rights, property rights in the common properties and more. The RCA Declaration can only be changed by a referendum, with a 2/3 majority vote of the total membership of the Association.

 RCA Declaration

Certificate of Incorporation

The Radisson Community Association's Certificate of Incorporation were designed to incorporate the Association to be organized as, and operate as, a non-profit membership corporation, of which no part of the net earnings shall incur to the benefit of any member or individual, as per New York State guidelines/law.

 RCA Certificate of Incorporation



The Radisson Community Association Bylaws dictate the structure, or internal rules & regulations, of the overall organization. You will find the details outlining who the Board of Directors are, how the Board is structured and how they operate. You will also find information on board elections and committee structure as well.

RCA By-Laws


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