Radisson has several retention ponds located throughout the community. Their main purpose is a functional one. Retention ponds, known legally as stormwater retention facilities, are bodies of water in residential and commercial developments (man-made or natural) that collect and store stormwater runoff. These ponds control water quantity and mitigate flooding. They also help to reduce pollution and control water quality. They are owned by the Radisson Community Association (RCA) and are considered Radisson Common Property.

While fishing is allowed at all of our retention ponds, weadhere to a strict ‘catch and release’ policy. We also ask that you please respect residents’ private property and be sure to fish from Common Property along the shoreline.

Please view our Stormwater Educational Pamphlet for helpful tips and resources for residents. For additional guidelines on the stormwater facilities, click here to view our Stormwater RetentionFacility Policy.


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