Courts, Fields, & Trails

Radisson has several tennis courts and basketball courts throughout the community. Many residents and leagues enjoy months of play on the courts. All courts are considered open during daylight hours, unless artificially lit. Parks and unlighted courts close at dark. Closing times are posted at each location for lighted courts.

Tennis courts are locked and members may purchase a key at the RCA Office or at the Oberon Pool (summer only). Please contact theRCA Office to make reservations for league play. 

Both tennis and basketball courts are located at each Community Park, Kerri Hornaday and Drakes Landing, and an additional set of courts is on
Carpenter Road, near the Oberon Pool.
The courts at Kerri and Carpenter have lighting.


The game fields in Radisson may be used by residents any time they are not already reserved.  Kickball, Frisbee and neighborhood softball are encouraged!  Sports leagues may request field reservations by contacting the RCA Office. Fields are located at each Community Park, Kerri Hornaday and Drakes Landing, and on Carpenter Road, near Glacier Ridge.

* Kerri Hornaday Park is at the intersection of Deep Glade Drive and Esprit Glade.
*Drakes Landing Park is at the intersection of Glacier Ridge and Potter Road.
*The Carpenter Road courts are between the Oberon Pool and Willett Parkway.
* The Carpenter Road field is between Basswood Lane and Glacier Ridge Road.

The Radisson Community features over 13 miles of paved pathways through some of the most beautiful nature scenes in Central New York. Our walkways, as marked on the Radisson Community map, are intended for pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists, with pedestrians given the right-of-way. Leisurely rollerblading and skateboarding are permitted; aggressive skating and ramps are not. Dogs on leash are permitted and it is expected that their waste be removed immediately by the owner. 


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